Welcome to the Cabell County Assessor GIS Center

Thanks for visiting the Cabell County Assessor GIS Center. With this site we aim to give the taxpayers of Cabell County information, such as:

  • Online Parcel Maps, parcel data, and aerial photography
    Assessment and appraisal data

    Structure and land data

    patially aware data to inform and aid the community, business, and government in better decision  making.

OurNewest Parcel Viewer below is simple to use mash up between spatial data and maps with simple one click accessibility to photos, CAMA data, and more at lightning speed for ease of use, simple navigation, and a pleasant user experience that will help everyone find information in a very exciting and painless process.

Parcel Viewer


TheIAS Portalbelow is a more data driven site to lookup information by name, address,
parcel ID and more tabular data while still retaining the ability
to view maps, building footprints, and photos.

Cabell County Tax Map Viewer
TheTax Map Pdf's Viewer ia a map based data lookup platform of the county. You may lookup tax maps by
Distict and Map. It has zoom, pan, download and print capabilities.

The West Virginia Flood Tool is designed to provide floodplain managers, insurance agents, developers, real estate agents, local planners and citizens with an effective means by which to make informed decisions about the degree of flood risk for a specific area or property

Flood Tool

The Cabell County Property Tax Lookup site is an external link to the Cabell Co. Sheriff's Online Tax Record Search where users can view current and past assessments, payments received, and payments due for both Real and Personal Property.

Note: This link is provided as a courtesy of the Cabell County Sheriff's Office and is NOT maintained by the Cabell County Asssessor. Any questions or inquiries should be directed to:
Cabell County Sheriff's Tax Office - PO Box 2114 - Huntington, WV 25721

(304) 526-8672

Online Tax Record Search

Cabell County Sheriff's Tax Office  PO Box 2114  Huntington, WV 25721
(304) 526-8672

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